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About Us


Castro’s is a family owned and family run restaurant featuring an innovative menu with bright latin flavors, Cuban classics and a full espresso bar. We pride ourselves in using fresh organic ingredients sourced locally and directly from farms whenever possible to create flavorful and nutritious dishes. Set in sunny Waikiki we hope to nourish both your bellies and souls as you enjoy your food in our laid back Cuban and Hawaiian inspired dining room

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Chef Luis Castro

To Chef Luis Castro,Castro’s Restaurant is an album of memories. Having developed a love and respect of farm-to-table cooking at a young age while growing up in Bogota, Colombia, Castro’s Restaurant is an ode to his journey as chef and a reflection of his roots. 

Chef Luis started his career in the kitchen working as a cook in Colombia during high school. After a whirlwind of relocating in pursuit of growth, he found himself working in prestigious positions such as Executive Sous Chef for Morimoto Asia Waikiki and Chef de Cuisine for Michael Mina’s Stripsteak Waikiki. When his love and craving for the latin flavors he grew up eating overpowered his need to learn the next technique, he decided it was time to open a restaurant of his own. 

To this day Chef Luis believes his elders and their cooking inspires his greatest creations. Castro’s Restaurant is a love letter to his heritage and an accurate depiction of what he himself craves and loves to feed his own family - simple and healthy bites that leave you longing for more.

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Breakfast & Lunch Everyday

07:00AM / 02:00PM

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